Roots to Harvest

As has been previously organized, on Monday, April 27th, we will be welcoming a Roots to Harvest mobile team into GBFN.

Roots to Harvest has been working with GBFN for several years now and has conducted many successful activities in the community surrounding the promotion of locally grown vegetables and general food security.

Roots staff have been part of GB’s pandemic activities for several weeks already by co to Hong to advocate on our behalf amongst regional food distribution and security networks. They have been leading the coordination of other like-minded organizations such as the Indigenous  Food Circle and the team at RFDA who are all contributing to the larger, preset plan that will see an initial food distribution conducted in GB on Monday.

This activity falls in line with funding specifically designed for those residing in the community which was received by GBFN.

Roots to Harvest (R2H) was previously provided the numbers of each person resident in each GB household. They have also conducted outreach to other food security collectives and collaborated to assist GBFN during these trying times.

We ask that members continue to follow the social distancing protocols and remain in their homes as GB staff carries out the doorstep drops from the silver education van on the later part of Monday, April 24th.

We offer R2H our continued support and appreciation and chi-Miigwetch to all organizations and individuals who have been and will be participating in this activity.