National Native Alcohol and Drug Addiction Prevention

The purpose and motivation behind the NNADAP worker’s activities are to empower community members by creating positive changes and to influence potential shifts in individual personal values through the provision of healthy living alternates and associated services/programs. NNADAP focus is on addressing addiction challenges which include the spiritual, mental, physical and social aspects of a person’s interactions within the community’s general well-being norms and/or practices.

Some of the NNADAP duties and responsibilities include:

  • To counsel community members that request help with alcohol or drug problems;
  • To provide information about available alcohol, drug treatment and rehabilitation services;
  • To provide referrals to person(s) requesting help and admission to alcohol and drug treatment rehabilitation center(s), and work in a positive manner with the other addiction programs and services;
  • To provide after care support and assistance to clients returning from alcohol and drug rehabilitation;
  • To work cooperatively with other program staff to ensure effective and holistic help if available to families where alcohol and drug problems are present;
  • To develop and deliver culturally appropriate community based addictions services;
  • Increase awareness and understanding among the community about addictions, abuse issues as well as awareness and promotion of healthier lifestyles;
  • Ability to do one to one, group, and family counselling;
  • Provide aftercare programs;
  • Support the community to reduce the high levels of alcohol and other substance abuse within our community;
  • Provide educational workshops to the community, school, and groups within the community;
  • Act as a liaison with other health workers, and affiliated agencies;
  • Facilitating self-help groups;
  • May be required to work lengthy and or irregular hours occasionally;
  • Administrative duties, daily, weekly, month end reports.