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We talked about the different kinds of people who need help in the water : non swimmers, weak swimmers , tired swimmers etc. and what they would look like in the water ( watched some videos) We talked about the safe way to rescue people—REACH, THROW, ROW, DON’T GO! CALL FOR HELP We talked about the best safety devices to use in different situations and then we went outside and acted out all of the victims and practiced how to rescue them. We had a lot of fun using the Hill outside the Health Center since it looked like deep water! We also played a game called Target Practice where we had to choose different safety devices and try to throw them to a pylon to see how close we could get.



Our Open water Safety Course was a massive success! We covered currents, waves, undertows, weeds, when and where to swim, and what to do if you fall out of your boat! We learned through videos, games, and experiments!



We went over lifejacket safety and the importance of choosing the right colour of lifejacket so that you can be seen in the water if you fall out of your boat. We played an interactive game where everyone got to choose items that were needed for boats to stay safe: lifejackets, rope, bailing bucket, flashlight, whistle We learned how to get in and out of the boat on land We watched videos on the importance of wearing your life jacket in a boat and what can go wrong if you are not wearing it. We learned about new kinds of lifejackets that are more comfortable if you are going fishing We learned how to hold a paddle properly and the different strokes to use to move through the water We learned how to make a float plan so that family and friends on shore know where we are going in our boat and can come and find us if we don’t return back on time. We also did an experiment where we placed rocks in a “pretend boat” floating in water to learn how to balance a boat properly.



We talked about how hot the sun is and how it can affect us and how to protect ourselves. We did an experiment where we sprayed sunscreen on our hands and made a handprint on black construction paper—we laid it out in the sun and watched how the paper faded but our handprint remained the same—this is how sunscreen protects us. We did another experiment with “magic beads” we sprayed sunscreen on some of the beads not others—then we made a bracelet and went out in the sun –the beads that did not have sunscreen on them changed colours with the UV light—the ones that had sunscreen on them were protected and stayed clear.