The Lake Nipigon First Nations Collective (LNFNC) is fighting for the reclamation of Lake Nipigon and for the 6 First Nations around the Lake to manage it. The 6 First Nations ultimate goal is taking over the water and stop the incursion of non First Nation groups as well as people who don’t respect the water or our lands for that matter.

Our collective First Nations have witnessed the provision of or assurance to benefits to non-Indigenous individuals or industries such as tourism, mining and forestry and other such operations who undertake operations deemed within supposed regional or provincial priorities over that of the provision of consultation, access, and inclusion by our First Nations as is legally required.

Together, we will formulate an action plan regarding the failure to consult and the issuance of permits, or lack thereof, by the MNRF to non-Indigenous commercial outfitters operating on Lake Nipigon.